A case for stretching and recovery work

Here at EBSC we emphasize foam rolling, stretching and properly warming up before training. We are always talking with our clients about how they should make recovery work (stretching and rolling) part of their daily lives. Most injuries and pain can be avoided by simply following a daily routine addressing tight and sore muscles.

Here is another perspective that may be helpful to understand why it is so important to address our muscles daily. Most of us have no problem brushing our teeth regularly. You have built this into your daily routine morning and night to prevent dental issues. No one is going to debate that if you do not brush your teeth regularly you will get plaque build up, cavities, tooth decay and possibly gum disease. Eventually you may need a root canal or tooth extraction. No one is going to say they do not have time to brush their teeth.

Many are suffering with muscular and joint pain. This could lead to injuries that eventually need surgery to correct. In some instances, you may need to have your hip, knee, or shoulder replaced. Most of the aches and pains you experience can be prevented with daily maintenance of your muscles, no different than how regularly brushing your teeth prevents dental issues.

When you walk around with poor posture, over use muscles or avoid addressing problem areas, muscles become chronically tight and others weakened. They pull your joints out of alignment and you start to move differently. The excessive use, tightness or lack of stability starts causing aches and pains.

Daily maintenance can prevent minor aches and pains, the need for physical therapy as those get worse, and in many cases the need for surgery down the line.

Loading dysfunction and expecting pain to just go away on its own is not the approach to take. This will further exacerbate the issue leading to greater problems. Just like routine maintenance keeps your teeth and gums healthy, the same applies to the muscles in your body. Get in the habit of rolling and stretching out daily!

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