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I recently finished up a program with Dean Grasiosi,”The Winning State of Mind”.  One piece I want to share with you that was very revealing to me was a concept of “7 Levels Deep.” This is a process for finding the “Why” behind your goals and purpose in life. Most people are on autopilot and have no idea what they want and why they are doing what they do daily.  For most, the day to day struggles take away from what it is we are really after.  Lots of people fall into a rut and do not realize it until they are much older, feeling like their hopes and dreams have eluded them. Younger people just go with what everyone is telling them to do, cranking away without ever sitting back to think about what they want and where they are going.  This is the starting point for ending up where you do not want to be, living someone else’s dream of what they wanted for you. This is why taking some time to sit back and think about our lives is extremely important. It needs to be done daily. Make working on you a priority. Work on personal growth!
You can do this exercise at any point and time and revisit it often.  Ask yourself Why you are doing what it is you are doing. In Dean’s case it was all about finding what fuels you and what your purpose in life is.  I feel this exercise is meant not only for that but for all aspects of life. This could be a job, this could be a goal you have set, this could be a relationship you have formed. Ask yourself Why, and you will initially come up with a generic answer.  So then you must ask yourself again, then again.  Think deeply and keep asking even when you think you have gone as far as you can.  Go “7 Levels Deep”; ask yourself that question 7 times.  You will be surprised by what you come up with.
Just getting back in shape can have a huge impact on the way you feel mentally.  That is one of the starting points at EBSC.  Setting goals, going through the “7 Levels Deep” process for each one, then “Working in Reverse” (see New Year’s Solution’s below) can be a great place to start with your Mindset Training.  Start taking action steps to crush your goals in 2016!

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