“Believing is Seeing”

We are all familiar with the saying “Seeing is believing”.  There is an issue when this starts to become how we think or make decisions.  The thought process that you must first see something to believe it is possible for yourself can hold you back in athletics as well as in life.  If your waiting for results to just show up, or others to achieve success around you for you to step up and believe its possible, then you’re going to be way behind.  If an athlete does not believe they have a chance to win, make a team, or reach a goal, how are that supposed to attain it? If your convincing yourself you will fail before even starting, then the odds are you’re going to fail.  
The truth is “Believing allows us to see”.  It all starts with a goal, however small or grandiose that goal is.  Most people don’t even know what they want.  They are just saying the things that others want to hear or what comes to mind.  Take time to figure out what your trying to achieve and more importantly WHY you want that…dig deep.  What are the underlying motives? What is going to drive you to do work when it seems too hard and you’re not getting the progress you expected? Understand reaching your goal is going to take time and work.  Believing that you can, knowing that the hard work will pay off, and seeing yourself having success while reaching your goals makes them that more likely to happen.  Believing that “it” is possible and that you have what it takes allows you to see yourself there.  It allows you to dream and create new possibilities for yourself! 

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