“Where are you spending (investing) your time, energy and hard earned money?”

I know some people look at what it costs for a trainer or a gym and can’t believe people spend money on these kinds of services. This always confuses me because with a few questions its not hard to see that they spend well over the costs of training or gym services in a given month on items that do nothing to improve their quality of life.  Some are going out to dinner or the bar, others are spending on premium TV channels or video games.  The list goes on. Yet when it comes to their health, they pinch pennies and go for the cheap stuff.  What this thought process and all of the spending really comes down to is you will spend your time, energy and money, investing in what you value.  
Its a good idea to take a look at where your spending your money.  Take a moment to add up what you spend on miscellaneous pleasure items or where ever else you spend your discretionary income. You will see what it is that you truly value. This would be very surprising to many if they actually took the time to take a look at how much of their spending is going to waste.  Ask yourself what kind of a return your getting with the time, energy, and money your spending?  In some instances the expenses are actually harmful as is the case with alcohol, processed foods, and excessive time on the couch.  
One thing I know for sure is that the people investing in their health and wellness are getting a return on their investment.  You can’t do much without good health.  Just ask someone you know who is suffering or is limited in some way due to poor health, neglect or injury what they would pay to get back what they lost.  Do not wait until you have a problem or are in pain.  Most people will end up spending their money and time getting treated for neglecting their health at some point anyway.  So why not get started by choice on your terms improving yourself instead of trying to heal or manage pain after the fact.  The loss of quality of life is not worth it. Don’t take your good health for granted.  Your not getting any younger and your body is not going to take care of itself.  Be proactive and invest some time, energy, and money into your health to see that you keep it!  

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